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Introduced in 2011 the latest version of Caldia has begun a new era for Daiwa, an era where the introduction of innovations such as Magseal, Air Rotor and Zaion are now available in mid range reels. This year we continue the evolution with the introduction of the new restyled high speed Caldia SHA.


The Caldia SHA introduces new innovations and unparalleled designs, with the combination of Magseal, Air Rotor and Zaion, along with Daiwa’s other enviable features such as ABS, Digigear and Airbail, making it one of our most technically advanced reels. The main feature of Caldia is Magseal, a system that helps reduce the intrusion of dust and water, eliminates oil spray, improves reel life expectancy, and most noticeably for a cranking point of view delivers friction free rotary performance.

For increased rotary performance and line sensitivity Caldia SHA uses Air Rotor, being hollow the rotor is lighter and has more surface area creating increased strength and unparalleled sensitivity.  This decrease in weight, increased surface area and new resin construction transmits lure vibration to the angler like never before. Sensitivity and weight loss is also made possible by a machined Zaion body that is extremely rigid, incredibly strong and amazingly light. Zaion is first “cast” then machined to the same precision as metal bodies, and has comparative strength to magnesium or an aluminium body, but in contrast is fully corrosion resistant.

The new high speed reel features Daiwa’s revolutionary Digigear II, advanced technology that features a high precision cutting technique that achieves perfect gear meshing and ultra smooth performance. Digigear II is also ultra strong, corrosion resistant, and impressively light.


Caldia will allow you to feel more connected to lures, detect more bites and fight fish with ease…. real design and real technological development for ‘reel sensitivity’.



Real Four


Digigear II

Mag Seal

Engine plate

Air Rotor


Twistbuster II


Waterproof Drag

Real Stopper

Infinite Anti Reverse

Tight Silent Oscillation